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WATCH: Trump-Backed Kari Lake DESTROYS CNN’s Dana Bash

WATCH: Trump-Backed Kari Lake DESTROYS CNN’s Dana Bash

Former President Donald Trump did a good job of picking some high-profile fighters for this year’s midterms. That’s particularly true in Arizona, where “New Right” Blake Masters and the ever-MAGA Kari Lake are having a great time taking the fight to the left for once.

Such is what Kari Lake recently did when speaking to CNN’s Dana Bash for an interview, running her over like an 18-wheeler trucker hitting a discarded McDonald’s bag on the highway.

One such instance came when Lake, confronted with the usual “election denier” comments, blasted Bash for not labeling Georgia’s Stacey Abrams an “election denier” despite Abrams’ past claims about her 2018 loss to Georgia Governor Brian Kemp. Watch that here:

As you can hear in that clip, Bash said “Are you undermining faith in elections by saying that the 2020 election was stolen when there’s absolutely no evidence to support that?

And that’s when Lake hit back hard with the Stacey Abrams reference, saying “In 2018, Stacey Abrams never conceded. She still hasn’t. I don’t hear CNN calling her an election denier.”

Lake also, during the back and forth with Bash over being an “election denier”, noted that the First Amendment applies still, saying “We have the right — it’s protected with our First Amendment — to question our government and to question elections. We still have the First Amendment, and when you start seeing the media cancel people for questioning their government, then that’s when we have a problem.

Similarly, Lake made a great joke at Bash’s expense when asked about accepting the results of the upcoming election, saying that she was going to win and would certainly accept that result. Watch that exchange here:

Predictably, that comment sent the lefties through the roof and they showed it on Twitter, driving the most outrage directed Lake’s way after the interview.

For example, Manu Raju, CNN’s Chief Congressional Correspondent, said

Another did the pearl-clutching routine, saying “It’s embarrassing that we have come to this as a nation. This is the example we are setting for our children and it is a dark moment in our history.

But some admitted the truth, noting that Lake ran Dana Bash right over. One such honest commenter said “@DanaBashCNN was not prepared for that interview and allowed Lake to run all over her and answer questions with non-answers. Terrible job, Dana. Do better.

Axios joined in the “Lake won’t say if she’ll respect the election outcome” routine as well, running a whole article on the subject and saying, in part:

Arizona’s Kari Lake on Sunday did not answer — when asked multiple times —whether she will accept the results of her state’s 2022 gubernatorial election if she loses.

Why it matters: Lake, a 2020 election denier, is locked in a tight race with Democrat Katie Hobbs to become Arizona’s next governor, a position that has the potential to affect the 2024 election process.

Driving the news: “I’m going to win the election and I’m going to accept that result,” Lake said, after being asked by CNN’s Dana Bash on “State of The Union” if she would accept the election results if she loses.

‘I’m going to win the election and accept the result,” Kari Lake, Arizona governor candidate, says on @CNNSotu to @DanaBashCNN, refusing to say if she would accept the results if she loses“.


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